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I will create nft minting website mint engine,nft smart contract

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About This Gig

Welcome to my GIG


I am a professional blockchain developer from more than 5 years. I have developed tons of nft based projects like nft marketplaces, nft minting websites linking with different kinds of secondary marketplaces like opensea, solana, kalao, tofu nft so on based on different networks (Ethereum, Polygon, Avax, Metis, Cardano, BSC so on)


Special Benefits


  • Basically we use advanced technologies like React, next js, vue js, Angular, javascript, php so on for developing our nft minting websites , marketplaces etc. Normally we don't use wordpress for building our products. But according to the client's requirements we can use wordpress as much better way (under optimized wordpress)


  • We can add any contract based functionalities as you wish (Ex - Presale whitelist, Minting price changing, Airdrops, Royalty so on)


  • We deliver the project on time 100%


Our Basic Package


  • Fully responsive and smooth website with animated backgrounds
  • nft Smart Contracts Creation, Deployment and Verification 
  • nft Marketplace
  • nft minting Engine
  • Arweave or Pinata storage
  • Wallet integration ( more than 1 addresses if needed)
  • Mint Function
  • Metadata generation as layers


Best Regards

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