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I will create a virtual museum for the nft gallery

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About This Gig

Playcanvas is an emerging game engine for 2d and 3d web games. I'll create a stunning, fully responsive NFT Museum for both computers and mobile devices. Additionally, we'll work to tune it so that it can operate smoothly at low frame rates even on low-end devices.


What other services than game design I can offer:

Integration of advertisements with many websites

If necessary, use different plugins like Photon.



Regarding the procedure:

- I will analyze every request made by the client first, after which I will provide the total cost and expected completion time.

- Next, a demo app will be created, and it will be improved based on user feedback.

- And if there is a requirement for the fully polished app then I will be updating the client about the progress after 2 - 3 days.

- Finally providing the promised app according to the deadline discussed.


To avoid any trouble, kindly email and discuss the idea before placing an order. I can send any samples of my work upon request in your inbox.

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