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I will bulk upload nfts to opensea and deploy a minting dapp

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About This Gig

Please contact me to discuss your project before you place an order.


If you're trying to Bulk upload your NFT Collection to Opensea then you're at the right place.


I will help upload your entire NFT collection to Opensea via Smart contract (ERC-721A low gas fee) Ethereum or Polygon network and deploy a simple mobile responsive minting dapp for you.


My method is safe and secure I will mint NFTs to Opensea and transfer Ownership of contract to you without your wallet secret keys. Please don't share your secret keys to anyone, I will never ask for your private keys.



What do I need from you?

📌Your Art Colletion/Metadata Json file.

📌Your Opensea Profile Public Address (Where NFTs will be mint into).


 What you will get:

Upload entire NFT collection.

ERC-721A Ethereum or Polygon Smart Contract.

✅ Host NFTs on IPFS

✅ Verified Smart Contract.

✅ Whitelist/Pre/Public Sale functions.

✅ Setting up NFT Collection Profile.

✅ Metamask Wallet Integration.

✅ Simple Minting Dapp + Free Hosting & Domain.

✅ Link Social Media Accounts To Your Minting dapp.

✅ 1 Month FREE support.

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