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I will do b2b lead generation, email address by using linkedin

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About This Gig

B2B Lead Generation!


I can collect any type of targeted Leads or emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.



B2B lead generation, C-Level lead generation, the Decision maker(CEO, CFO, VP, Director etc) lead generation, Industry type, Fortune companies lead generation and so on.


I will provide you with the following fields:


  • Company details like (Name, Website, Size, Phone, Location, Linkedin Profile etc)
  • Contact details like (First Name, Last Name, Position, email, Linkedin Profile etc)


I assure 100% quality of leads(No Bounce) and 100% money back guarantee (if you unsatisfied).


Tags( B2b lead generation, Leads, Email find, sales lead, Linkedin lead generation, Scrapping, Data entry, Business leads, Internet research, Data collection)


Thank you!

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